Building Automation Systems 

How can you ensure that your tenants will be comfortable, your server room will handle the heat load or your

auditorium will be cool enough for the evening performance? A good control system and building automation

systems is one that you don’t have to think about.

At GHC, we are dedicated to developing the most innovative, dependable and cost effective control solutions

on the market, with a well-designed and implemented building controls solution that meets the demands of

your unique environment.

The right solution involves all components of your HVAC system working as an integrated, intelligent system

that consistently performs as needed. GHC technicians has years of experience working with a variety of

environments, including office buildings, healthcare facilities, data centers, and museums, and can design,

install and program your system for optimal performance.

Whether you have an existing facility or need help with a brand new project, we provide the Building Automation Systems and control system services that will help you cut costs, maximize comfort and improve your ability to manage and maintain your building.

System Integration

A fully integrated building automation system allows you to manage multiple systems from a single point. Our expertise in system integration gives us the ability to automate all your equipment, collect data, provide reporting, and develop real-time tracking and control systems. This prevents you from being dependent on any one vendor and gives you the ability to integrate many different components and systems.

Our services include the following:

  • Control system maintenance for pneumatic, electric, electronic and DDC systems
  • Control system design, installation, commissioning and training
  • Building automation systems design, installation, programming and commissioning
  • Integrated building solutions, including temperature control, critical environment monitoring, power management and alarming, zoned lighting control and facility access control
  • Performance monitoring and upgrades for building efficiency improvements

For all your Building Automation Systems, Building Management, Control, and Integration needs, call GHC Mechanical. Your Single Source for Total Service.


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